A downloadable game

Game created using Unreal Engine 5 for GameDev.tv 2022 Game Jam


As a zombie, you want to eat brains.

Collect as many as possible while avoiding the gaps.

Don't fall in the water, you cant swim. 


Version 1.1  fixes

    - Downgraded graphics to fix crazy motion blur

    - Delay on jumping

    - Gaps too small when at full speed

    - Size size reduced by half (250mb instead of 500mb)

    - Background music and more sound FX added

    - Score now shown on death


Project now abandoned, so I can work on other things


ZombieRun_v1.1_Build.zip 258 MB

Install instructions

Extract zip file,

Double click ZombieRun.exe


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Good job! I managed to eat 122 glowing brains before I stumbled into a hole! Some music would help to keep things interesting.